How do I decide which car dealer to go to?


Stick to less than 10 kilometres from home or your work. You may have need of them for service or warranty after delivery and it is far easier on you if you don’t have to travel all over the city.

FIrst Impresssions

Does it look and feel right from the start? If you feel “right” within first two minutes then ok. If you are uneasy or anxious because of appearance, manner, speech or how you are greeted – politely leave.


BIG is not necessarily good. Motor dealers – especially franchised dealers – need to protect their reputation. What do your family and friends know from their experience? Ask around.

If all that is still daunting to you or you simply do not have the time, consider what we can do for you. We understand the apprehension. People only go to motor dealers every 4 or 5 years and it IS A LOT of Money – your money! Sales staff do it EVERY day and they are in their comfort zone. Brokerage WA works for YOU.

Do you have a specific question about buying a new or used car in Perth?

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How do you know when you have selected the right Broker to help you?

These are the things our clients value, so we work hard to deliver on all of them.

  • Quick and personal response – You get to deal with someone in Western Australia
  • Listening – We take the time to listen to “what you want” and work to achieve it.
  • Questioning – The questions we ask are to clarify your needs and deliver the best solution.
  • Feedback – At many stages of the process we will keep you informed and involved.
  • Comfort – We work to ensure you are comfortable with the process and the end result. There is no point in rushing you through just to end up with an unhappy client.