Here are some definitions of the variety of car types available in the marketplace.



A sedan is a 4 door car with a boot (trunk) that seats maximum 5 people.




This car is essentially the same as a sedan however the boot hinges at the top/end of the roof panel opening up to a large storage compartment in the rear where the rear seat backs lay down to crate a flat floor load area. Still carries 5 people however far greater load flexibility.


SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

Available in small, medium or large this style of vehicle is designed in either 4WD (four-wheel drive) or AWD (all-wheel drive). They sit higher on the road because of the higher ground clearance, carry 5 to 7 people and can go partially or fully off road. Increasingly popular in today’s market due to versatility whilst remaining a comfortable car.



Like the Sedan this carries 4 or 5 people however it only has two doors – being much larger that the front doors of a sedan. To enter the rear seats requires the front seats to pivot forward. A sleek look of a Coupe is popular with motoring enthusiasts.



Wagon (Station Wagon/Estate Car)

A Sedan that is stretched up and out at the rear to create a more “van type” storage area. Ideal for large families, commercial travellers and those who just need extra load capacity without the need to go to commercial style vehicles.




This is a definition that can apply to most configurations (as above) however the focus is on providing the highest level and standard of equipment, comfort and finish possible.



People Mover

Looking somewhat like a wagon on steroids this vehicle has side sliding doors opening up into a van style rear capable of carrying 8 to 12 people in rows of seats. Ideal for large families, businesses who need to move people without the need of a larger bus.



Ute (Utility/American “truck”/light truck)

This vehicle has a large open rear load tub or tray behind seating for 2 or 3 people. Essentially a commercial purpose vehicle it has a large following in Australia. There are various derivations of the Utility – Extra Cab, Crew Cab and the rear load tub or tray can be configured in many different configurations.



Light Commercial

This generally refers to vehicles designed to do a job of work – people carrying, load carrying, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.  Suspension packages are designed around capacity to carry more that passenger comfort.