Why buy a NEW car?

There are many and varied reasons for buying a New Car as opposed to a Used Car – some practical and others emotional.

It is a NEW car and you are the first owner. What happens to that car is up to you.

You get to choose:

  • The Make of Car – there are 67 different brands of cars in Australia
  • The Model variant – in excess of 400 models to select
  • Colour – again the choice is yours.  No compromise other than those you accept

You get the following:

  • Warranty & Protection – Anywhere from 3 to 7 years of full manufacturer warranty cover, in addition to the protections offered by the Australian consumer Law.
  • Service Costs – The majority of new cars sold in Australia – and definitely the most popular brands – offer “Capped Price Service” as part of their overall sale of new cars.  In essence this provides you with a low set price for the future servicing of your new car for the period of their warranty cover.  This covers all manufacturer book servicing needs as per their handbook.  Items such as tyres, batteries, brake pads, wheel alignment etc are not covered as there are consumable items.

Other Considerations

  • Maintaining your need for; latest model, latest technology, always new.
  • The look and smell of a New Car. There is a unique smell that comes with a new car – all that upholstery, fittings and carpets produce a “New Car smell”.  The addition of leather adds a distinct sense of luxury.