Used Car Loan Perth

Why Buy a Used Car?

Brokerage WA will assist you purchase a Near New Used Car – up to 4 or 5 years. We do not assist with older cards because the variables are too great and the opportunity for issues with the car are too great. We do not want our name attached to any car that goes wrong. We only want the best for our clients

There are as many reasons to buy a Used Car as a new one. In the used car market there are two distinctly different buyer types.

The first is economic – these people want the latest, most up to date car, however their financial position may not provide enough to get what they want in a New Car.
The other group have a very practical outlook on life and they just object to paying all that; GST, Luxury Goods Tax, Initial depreciation that is part of a new car purchase. They prefer someone else to take the initial “hit” and then buy Used Cars as close to new as possible.

There are distinct benefits to Used Car buying

  • The economic benefit is real and proven.
  • The selection in most cases is wide and varied.
  • A near new Used Car has the benefit of manufacturer warranty – these warranties transfer at no cost to you the buyer for the original term of the warranty. E.g. if there is two years left you receive the full benefit of that cover under new car terms.

Considerations when buying Used Cars

The majority of Used Car sales occur without issue, however these are some of the things you should take into account when looking for a Used Car:

  • Who owned it and where/how was it driven?
  • Accident history – has it been involved in a major accident?
  • Service history – has it been serviced, and by who?
  • General condition – if it looks unloved it probably is
  • Price – there is no “recommended price” for used cars.  What is the right price for the Used Car you are considering?