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What is a Novated Lease ?

A novated lease is a way in which you can obtain a vehicle plus all its running costs like fuel, insurance, registration and maintenance but packaged through your employer as a ‘salary sacrifice’. A portion is paid from your pre-tax salary, allowing you to turn your tax to your advantage.

Why choose a novated lease?

It is the cheapest and most cost effective way to drive the car of your choice. Whether it’s a new, used or even your existing car and this can be for your personal use or even for a family member.

How it works ?

1. You obtain a quote from the novated lease calculator or by calling us

2. We source the car of your choice including national discount rates

3. Your employer approves the payments

4. We arrange delivery of your new car

5. Your car and all its running costs are deducted from your salary in one easy payment

Make serious savings !

SAVINGS. A word we all love and one you’ll enjoy a lot of when you come on board with us. Here’s how:

  • SAVE big on the purchase price of your new car – thanks to our national car buying power
  • SAVE serious GST on the purchase price
  • SAVE by bundling up your fuel, maintenance, insurance and roadside assistance
  • SAVE by paying less income tax with a salary sacrifice
  • SAVE time with a regular payment, convenient servicing and maintenance options that we can look after on your behalf

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